Nowadays, we are constantly striving to define a perfect Purpose as start point. It is then, not before, once it becomes a solid argument when added to a plan, when we turn it into a perfect Strategy.

So, Purpose becomes the priority in any strategy we develop, we tackle the intersection of all variables, culture, society, and then the Purpose as main asset before developing any plan.

Why? Our customers want their products and services to be promoted internationally and a Purpose is needed in any case as a empowering vehicle to translate the message onto the final consumers. By doing so we excel the strategies, and we reach high awareness and notoriety but also, we promote the brand overall in order to increase admiration and desire, and this needs to be done with Trust.

External studies below, based in Trust and Admiration reports, show that our unique method to plan follow up and apply countermeasures based in the initial key indicators plan set are an industry referral, and it gives full confidence and trust to our clients. This is how we work, with pristine transparency with rock solid reports from top industry agencies. Our methodology is rock solid process as we always work under the PDCA rotation, plan, do, check and action. We constantly maximize the PDCA dashboard and share the findings on a weekly base with our clients.

Our strategic approach, developed from our founding philosophy and patented methodology: the “7Ps, Properties, Purpose, Plan, Place, People and for the Planet," is based on our fundamental belief that brand truths must work as a unique catalyst to booster the business goals and increase sales and reputation by developing the own company purpose, so that we can play a significant role in people's lives.

By means of our world-class built-in methodologies, Luminaries 21 today helps top Fortune 500 customers, empower brand growth and image projection through a defined and targeted purpose, with media platforms to serve the objectives, and state of the art technologies to crescent viral messages, and set top global agenda milestones, by means top-of-the-line partnerships prestige and the disruptive methodology of success of the 7Ps core engine at Luminaries21.

The “7Ps TRUST Way” is a unique advisory methodology that guide how we provide strategic counsel to our clients; one with a fully integrated and versatile cross-disciplinary approach.

Our senior and proficiently specialized team provides trustful counsel that clients follow to form their most important decisions. We always observe all risks and opportunities through the CEO eyes and vision, while also advising and executing across all levels of an organization from base management to presidents and board of directors.

The 7Ps Trust Way

The 7Ps Trust Way is composed by Properties, Purpose, Promotion, Plan, Place, People and Planet

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The 7Ps Trust Way is composed by Properties, Purpose, Promotion, Plan, Place, People and Planet

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7Ps TRUST Strategy

In the era of communications, a wide range of technologies that support hundreds of platforms have contributed

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Areas of demonstrated Expertise:

Our in-house senior partners have wide and extensive expertise and devoted passion to help, brands have a Purpose in Action™ for the People and for the Planet, in Place.

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