Connecting the Purpose
with Corporate Values

The Purpose of Luminaries 21 is at the core of everything we do. It is the foundation of the value we create and has driven our progress for more than 20 years. It captures the essence of 'why' we exist as an organization.

It motivates us when we come to work every day and serves as our Pole Star when we make decisions. Ultimately, it serves to define who we are and what we should do for our employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Together with the outstanding figures of the 21st century, our global success in sports, art, science, or technology is a symbol and irrefutable symbol for evoking a whole new world of tolerance, equality, fairness and unity, and evokes sustainable development. In terms of goals, it is indeed decisive. The possibility of changing the world is rare. World leaders have the space and responsibility to do so. We only need to support them with the right tools and escort them throughout the process.

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Our Company Values

The rigorous pursuit of excellence:

To bring the best of ourselves and our partners to our customers.

The freedom of constant curiosity:

A tenacious, flexible and thorough approach to drive creativity and growth for customers and ourselves.

The courage to do the right thing is trustworthy:

A spouse like rubber, committed to building diverse, fair and inclusive people, prioritizing the welfare of ourselves and our employees.

Commitment to well-influencing social performance:

Our work has environmental characteristics, and a sense of tolerance, fairness and reciprocity. Excellence, curiosity and courage are indeed our essence and drive our continuous expansion as a company. We are the leaders of the current " First among equals " and are among the best in the industry. Because our global leadership position empowers all of us-foster adaptability and empower entrepreneurship.