Areas of demonstrated Expertise

Our in-house senior partners have wide and extensive expertise and devoted passion to help
brands have a Purpose in Action™ for the People and for the Planet, in Place.

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    Purpose In Action

    Evaluate deeply and consistently all PPA’s areas in the organization to well dimension the current strong and weak areas.

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    Purpose In Action

    Consult clients by developing sound and solid strategies around a plan with Purpose to exploit all opportunities.

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    Purpose In Action

    Act by supporting clients to implement the strategies by systematically rotating our PDCA methodology.

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    Purpose In Action

    Report the KPI outcomes on a fixed basis as part of our PDCA method.

We work with customers in particular, collective and social sectors, we know the ropes to move people to action and we bring deep subject matter experience in purpose leadership, plus issues measuring global health and development, sustainability, education and social justice.

Our integrated campaigns position clients as change leaders, amplifying a core purpose and blooming social progress.

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We're Known For...

  • Shaping purpose strategies and programs with world leaders.
  • Building and protecting reputations
  • Delivering creative campaigns and experiences with leading institutions.
  • Creating content that moves people to action
  • Engaging employees as advocates for purpose
  • Delivering shared value

The Art of Purpose We are driven by our relentless pursuit of excellence. We boldly anticipate your future needs, elevating smart sponsorship to an art form. Everything we do is dedicated to growing, managing and protecting your assets. We align our experience in sponsorship, world leaders, lobbying, communications, relationships with leading multilateral institutions with your individual needs, reinforcing your corporate purpose, and putting it at the center.

Our partner research, collaborations with leading global institutions and 1090 world leaders allow us to transform that knowledge to help our clients to draw the right plan, take decisions and act by creating a rock-solid customized campaign with maximum impact across all actors.