The 7Ps Trust Way

The 7Ps Trust Way is composed by Properties, Purpose, Promotion, Plan, Place, People and Planet

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    The largest platform of world leaders with 1090 unquestionable world leaders from the Arts & Culture, Sports & Entertainment, Science & Tech, & Emerging Stars sectors who collaborate with us to full satisfaction, with extraordinary results.

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    As a starting point before forming the plan and the unbeatable brand strategy, we help you define the backbone where the entire strategic axis of the company will pivot, and where we will develop the entire communication base to increase notoriety and knowledge conveyed to this fundamental brand purpose. A strong reputation opens doors, attracts allies and ensures voices are heard. Our deep understanding of audiences and influence helps build narratives.

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    We will strengthen and boost your brand beyond the usual limits of the industry and position your company, with the participation of its CEO or president, in the largest and most important forums on the planet, to share and position the company Purpose with the main Key Opinion Leaders of the international scene, with Brand Ambassadors of the highest prestige and participating in the main multinational, multilateral forums and summits.

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    The perfect planning of where and who will launch the precise message, in what forum, with what audience, and how to promote these messages with the national and international press. We are going to give you access to the most important international and multilateral forums, summits, and events on the global agenda. To the truly inaccessible and most prestigious on the planet. We know the right players, power centers and messages to reach key policymakers and stakeholders worldwide.

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    In the era of trust, we think enterprises that align their pledges with actions are seen as more believable and dependable, and those that bespeak not only their contents, but their organizational commitments, endure relevant. We help our customers forge the smart plan to lead this new age and decisively influence reputation, performance, and society.

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    By and for the people. We transform measured and audited actions into concrete actions, for people directly or through institutions, for example, with humanitarian programs with the world's leading organizations, where we obtain the highest and best return from society. People are our number one priority, everything we do and communicate is for a notable improvement of the society in which we live. We defend all business aspects to the point of exhaustion, but always putting people in front of any other variable. It is the reason for our existence. It empowers our clients' companies to the maximum, with a purpose committed with people and the planet.

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    Our commitment and that of our clients with the Planet is out of question. Just as we focus on the People when considering any purpose, the Planet is inexorably linked to the People, and becomes an inevitable point in the agenda of priorities when building the Purpose of our clients. And it is in our precedence’s list. It is part of Luminaries 21 basement and it is part of our constitutional legacy programs.