Science & Technology

The development of technology along with the advancement in Science helps to bring in a revolution in various fields vital to us; medicine, agriculture, education, information and technology.


Renewable energies

Ecological / Green Hydrogen Generation

Nuclear engineering L21 - Fusion Energy

Battery of the Future

Large scale energy storage

Lithium batteries

Electric mobility

Electric aviation


  • 5G hardware and industry deployment
  • 5G applications and contents generator
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Crypto coins
  • Blockchain
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Quantum Computing
  • Internet of Behaviours (loB)
  • Tactile VR Tactile Virtual Reality
  • Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)
  • Big Data Analytics L21 - DevSecOps
  • 2D Materials
  • RPA-Robotic process automation
  • Space Computing
  • Quantum sensing
  • Quantum Sensorization
  • Internet of Things
  • Nanotech
  • Anything as a Service
  • Brain computer interface
  • Smart clothing (textiles)
  • New Materials
  • Human Augmentation
  • Solutions for PHYGITAL Retail integration.