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We are Luminaries 21

An ingenious and disruptive Sponsoring company and owner of the World Leaders Planet ™. We are a trusted partner and an objective resource for quite 1090 unquestionable World Leaders, in the categories of Science and Technology, Art and Culture, Sport and Entertainment and the new arising sectors under our Emerging Stars division.

We are not a traditional agency, we are a company that helps our clients, our world leaders and society in general with unique proposals, full of added value, and totally disruptive in their concept and execution. Combining traditional, media and entertainment sectors, we invest in emotional opportunities that undermine the established order.

First Luminaries 21 NFT created by artist Pedro Sandoval

Luminaries 21 advises the world's leading companies, helping them solve the key problems and difficulties they face, even before they occur, while communicating with the world's top leaders to enhance their corporate reputation and global operations, so they are fully aligned with your business strategies.

We collaborate with a large number of global organizations, institutions and foundations, both public and private, such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and various world governments, on large-scale projects with global impact.

Luminaries 21 launches the first NFT from Cristobal Columbus letter to Catholics Kings of Spain

Creating the best ever NFTs video from artist Pedro Sandoval With the first ever letter of Cristobal Columbus, to the Catholics King and Queen of Spain, owned by casa de Alba, we created with the support of WiseKey and the artist Pedro Sandoval,

With the presence of the Duke of Alba, owner and promoter of the NFT. It is going to be the best artistic NFT to be sold, due to the value of the letter of the Columbus captain to the kings of Spain and, the added value given by the artist Sandoval, with a one-of-a-kind video story based in the NFT and the Columbus trip. A piece to have.

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We are advisors to the world's leading companies, helping them solve the key issues and difficulties they face, even before they occur, and communicate with the world's top leaders to improve their reputation and transactions so that they are fully aligned with their corporate goals and global strategies.

Our primary commitment with our clients is to backstop them on how to play their place within the world more successfully, more efficiently, more easily. We help the leaders of the world ’s great value-creating consortia, to operate successfully across the inchmeal complex and fast- changing arenas of underwriting, world leaders, and reputation while accelerate their revenues and herald the operating results.

Our selected clients recognize us in Luminaries 21 as the company that helps them to get to shape vertically purposed strategies and programs with world leader, delivering top creative campaigns based in experiences with leading institutions.

We do so by creating campaigns that engage employees as primary corporate advocates due to its amazing contents that move people to action. All packed up to build and protect corporate reputation. This is how we work.

At LUMINARIES 21 we challenge ordinary thinking, when popular wisdom says no because it has always been that way, we say yes and make it happen. The word impossible does not exist in our vocabulary, we are a company that does not accept anything other than the first position. We only engage with people who understand that we are in business to make history, in business that breaks down walls and barriers. We like to convince you that with our effort you have every right to dream of becoming one of the best in the world, knowing that it is not a mere desire, but a serious ambition meticulously planned to be the best.

Alberto Díez Founder, Chairman and President of Luminaries 21