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Education promotes opportunity, security and hope, and helps build a safer and more just world. Before COVID-19, one in six children was out of school. With COVID-19, the number of children going to school has dropped dramatically. According to UNICEF, a third of school-age children do not have the opportunity to receive distance education. Without sufficient resources, such as distance learning tools, many of the most marginalized children may not be able to return to school due to the risk of getting a job or child marriage.

How to ?

Increase investment in global education. Give priority to the world's most vulnerable students. Helping students bridge the digital divide by accessing technical resources.

What is the World Global School Initiative ™ model for creating impact?

The need to pressure decision makers is more important than ever. We have some accomplices of Luminaries 21 to mobilize youth networks around the world. Their voices must be heard. Raise your voice and act immediately. Together it is possible. Eradicating extreme poverty is complicated: it requires a lot of financing, well-designed and implemented plans, the participation of decision-makers, and the continuous participation of citizens. Otherwise, we will not be able to do it. Personal monetary donations have had a great impact in both sudden crises and long-term challenges, facilitating the provision of plans, direct support and services to disadvantaged groups.

In short, relying on typical charities and fundraising, or providing services directly, while important, is not enough to eradicate extreme poverty. We need to allocate billions of dollars to address the root causes of the systemic drivers of poverty. Before the global COVID-19 pandemic, economists estimated that ending extreme poverty in the poorest countries would require an additional $ 350 billion each year. The good news is that the world has sufficient resources in public funds, philanthropy, private sector grants, and other innovative financial instruments (such as special drawing rights) to finance this unmet need.

By addressing challenges such as food insecurity, climate injustice, health disparities, unequal access to education, disproportionate justice, and partial law enforcement (all of these factors exacerbate extreme poverty), policymakers and making decisions often lack constant pressure. The world needs governments, businesses, and philanthropists to allocate resources to meet these challenges; invest in communities nationally and internationally to reduce inequality, protect the planet and overcome poverty; and adopt policies that make all people prosper. World Global School Initiative ™ is a movement of committed world leaders who use their voices to meet the greatest challenges.

Promotion and activism

Advocacy and activism are critical tools to exert sustained pressure on policy makers and decision makers, in order to generate social change to achieve a world free of extreme poverty. Citizen engagement through activism is critical to effective advocacy. Providing platforms that will engage citizens in activism and raise their voices to demand action is vital to generating that pressure.

Advocacy has an important role to play in tackling the world's greatest challenges and can take various approaches. While continuing to invest in program aid is imperative, this must be done in tandem with investment in advocacy and activism. Advocacy educates stakeholders and decision makers about the implications of political decisions and helps to highlight the impact of these decisions on affected people and communities. Where there are unmet financial needs to ensure program execution, advocacy has the ability to drive resource mobilization.

The need to pressure decision makers is now more essential than ever But we are only able to inspire engagement thanks to the power of Luminaries 21 around the world taking action, both in person and through our platforms. And we are excited that over the last decade thousands of citizens have been inspired by the Luminaries 21 model. The World Global School Initiative ™ 'take action' advocacy model democratizes activism.

A Recovery Plan for the World.

Our model ensures the inclusion of global voices that represent ethnic, socioeconomic and gender diversity. It allows the Luminaries 21 to proudly balance their commitment to the advancement of society and their love for the community, for the Arts & Culture, Sports & Entertainment, Science & Tech and EmergingStars. Our model simply recognizes that people don't need to be political experts or philanthropists to make change, they need to care enough to take action, whether at home or alongside miles of citizens inspired by their 21st century icons and Luminaries.

The World Global School Initiative ™ strives to shine a spotlight on activists, humanists, and world leaders who give visibility to the world's most urgent crises; offers a platform to achieve concrete commitments; It is an incubator for agents of change; And it's powered by a community of people who care about their fellow men, no matter where they are in the world.

What does Take Action" mean with the World Global School Initiative ™?

Once a person registers to become a World Global School ™, "taking action" involves doing relatively simple but important acts. These acts of courage have the potential to advance public policy, unlock opportunities, and in doing so are capable of making a huge global impact. These actions include submitting requests, sending emails, calling legislative representatives, tweeting to businesses and governments, sharing social media posts, posting images and videos of yourself advocating for issues that concern you, and much more. Taking action means being a promoter and an activist. World Global School Initiative ™ will offer after its global launch an easy-to-use application and platform to amplify the voices of activists on issues that concern them and combine individual voices to form a collective voice of the World Global School Initiative ™ across the world and detonate a momentum that leads to a real impact.

How can you take action with the World Global School Initiative ™?

We are the firm known for its deliberate avoidance of publicity Every action taken creates a domino effect that, when combined with actions taken elsewhere, can change the world for the better.

The combined actions of Global Disciple or Global Mentors from around the world add to a sustained momentum that cannot be ignored, and this momentum grows in the run-up to promotional events that bring together the biggest names, and various Luminaries. 21, activists, world leaders, businesses, philanthropists and other advocates for change. At these events — United Nations General Assembly, Davos Forum, World Climate Summit, etc… - world leaders, businessmen and philanthropists take the stage to make commitments that respond to the actions carried out by the Global Disciples or Global Mentors.

These commitments may include financial contributions or policy changes to improve global food security or gender equity, to reduce the impact of climate change, and many other issues of concern to Global Disciples or Global Mentors. And for the Global Disciple or Global Mentors who have earned their place in the crowd by taking action with us, these events mark the culmination of their efforts to defeat poverty, demand equity, and defend the planet.