The World Leaders program: identifies emerging leaders who work in government, civil society and the private sector and who have demonstrated their commitment to promoting the common good. Its goal is to build a growing network of ethical and innovative change agents who seek to drive change in their communities while developing and supporting each other. Through a core set of shared values ​​and leadership skills, the program seeks to foster a new generation of positive and civically active role models who are prepared to create tangible solutions to challenges in their communities, countries, and the world. Program offerings include:

Timely conversations

For six months, leaders meet in weekly virtual meetings to discuss some of the most challenging issues facing Europe with community leaders leading them.

Skill-building trainings

Custom workshops help leaders create their set of leadership tools, from mastering storytelling and mobilizing people to action, to building powerful campaigns and coalitions.

A community of support

The program includes opportunities for Leaders to meet virtually in small groups and for one-on-one conversations to build deep, lasting relationships that will carry them through their leadership journey.

Inspirational cultural events

A series of exciting virtual cultural activities, such as live performances and exciting dialogues with artists and creative thinkers, cultivated a strong hope and community spirit.

Civic engagement projects

Leaders complete the plan by designing collaborative projects to reach out to young industry transfomer in the community and stimulate citizen participation.

Luminaries21 The next generation of leaders are emerging leaders, and they have shown their commitment to promoting the common good. Our leaders deal with a variety of issues, but they have a lot in common-they have all promoted positive changes in their communities, guided by core values, and shared the leadership vision of World Global School, which is planting. Rooted in serving others.


LUMINARIES 21 empowers the next generation of world leaders.
L21 provides training for emerging artists to make them the next world leader. The L21 mentor and disciple initiative seeks young and talented artists from all over the world in Art and Culture, Sports and Entertainment, and Emerging Stars.
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The instructor and the disciple must spend at least twelve weeks together, although many people spend much more time. They decide where and how to interact. This means that the disciple can witness the master’s actions with his own eyes and gain the secrets of the profession.
We are the firm known for its deliberate avoidance of publicity Working with a mentor is a way to learn and maximize the potential of an artist. This is a highly respected and ancient practice. This process of formalization appears in the works of great thinkers in the Greek Golden Age.

“I will dedicate every day of my life trying to find young talents. If there is an artist, athlete, scientist, or potential Tech, a scientist who feels that opportunities are closed due to lack of resources, we will find a mechanism to help him “